Tuesday 28 December 2021

Downloaded Guidance For This Golden Age of Enlightenment


Downloads of information and guidance are coming in strong and fast now. I've spoken to humans of all ages and cultures who are having these experiences and sharing them.  This is one of those received during meditation by my new twitter friend "lightworker4444 who goes by @lightworker4441".

Meditation Message 12/27/2021: 

"There exists within us a mountain of consciousness and our goal during this lifetime is to climb this mountain to reach the top in order to live from the highest aspect of self attainable, the light of the I Am, the Christ light. 

The Elohim are here to support us in the ascent up this mountain. They are the original designers of the blueprint for the earth and the grids of light within the human vessel and in the earth itself.  

They are here to help reignite the flame of divinity, turning up the capacitance of light within our cells and in our DNA fibers because our physical structures can now hold more light. We are being redesigned, transformed from lower density to higher density light vehicles. This is in accordance with the divine plan to usher in the Golden Age of Enlightenment.

With these physical adjustments, rearrangements and attunements is a movement from the lower density emotions to the higher ones.  The lower emotions can not exist long in the luminous body of light. Thus, the days of living in fear and sadness are on the way to be something of the past and we can more easily live from our spiritual emotions of love, joy, peace and happiness.  Similarly, our spirit is loosened from the restrictions of the 3D physical body and is able to flow more freely, moving with increased speed in an energetic infinity loop with ease, helping us to further move up the mountain of consciousness."

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