Saturday 1 January 2022

Feel More Love Than Fear ~ WE Are Evolving Friends!


In Kingston, only the ballsy go maskless.  Exemptions aren't being written which doesn't mean people are not deserving of them. If your exemption is for an emotional issue due to past trauma then a written exemption requirement would mean that you'd have to be under the care of a psych Doctor who is willing to write the exemption.  >Anyone seeking mental healthcare knows not all deserving get seen because Ontario's premiere doesn't really seem to believe in mental healthcare.  But I digress.

I just read a post from a friend living in Niagara who says there are very few masks being worn there.

Another friend in Kingston stated yesterday that more maskless exempt shoppers appeared in their store too.

Apparently we can grow balls!

And, the more who dare to disobey ridonculous recommendations, the more will disobey the ridonculous recommendations.

Remember how we were never supposed to sneeze in our hands?  We were all taught the vampire elbow sneeze technique right?

But now, we're to believe that coughing, sneezing, & snotting in your mask is perfectly healthy.

We are now to be so selfless as to get ourselves sick.

There's such separation here and the people who wear the mask only occasionally are often the most vocal on this topic.  While others breathe with air-holes covered for 40 hours a week.  

Honestly, I've learned a lot lately and mostly I've learned two distinct lessons that illustrate Earth's polarity.

I've learned that forming an opinion only after walking in others' shoes, is not a common thing anymore.  We're now lazy.  Why would we need to walk a mile in anyone's shoes when CBC, CNN, & FOX are willing to tell me what I need to know without me leaving my couch?

But I've also learned that when humanity experiences an emergency or a dangerous situation, the HUMANE comes out in half of us.  We become more loving, more giving.  We stand up for others more.  We put others first.  We plan, we unite, we re-build burned bridges and/or we put out the flames of bridges mid-burn.  

As time progresses I predict an amplification of this polarity.

Heavier pressure will be put on those who refuse to obey & deeper unity, camaraderie and love will form among those who ignore the tool of fear.

All we have to do is feel more love than fear.

#LoveLight #ILoveYOU #01012022

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