Tuesday 14 June 2022

So is NESARA For Real?


NESARA or National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act was signed into law on October 10th 2010 by President Bill Clinton.

I don't know a lot about it but I found the unsigned document in pdf here.

Woo Woo Warning:  Some say that Clinton was influenced by benevolent extra-terrestrials.

In fact, these et's are part of what's known as the Galactic Federation of Planets. This is a first for many of you yet at the beginning of the pumpernickel, this article titled "Former Israeli space security chief says extraterrestrials exist, and Trump knows about it." was published on mainstream media. 

The future is so bright we need to wear shades!

This is a place holder for the pdf and I'll be adding/editing as more info is received.  Feel free to comment and share any info you have on NESARA GESARA (Global Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act)

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