Tuesday 7 June 2022

Those of LL Research Speak to Qu'o About Higher Rates of Feeling Inadequate Among Wanderers



Q’uo, the final question from the circle asks: “Is there a higher rate of feeling personally inadequate among wanderers as compared to the general population, and if so, why would that be? How could such catalyst be employed to more deeply know the heart of self?

New Speaker (person who is 'channelling')


I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. Yes, my friend, the wanderer has far more likelihood of being affected by feelings of unworthiness than the regular, shall we say, or general consensus population, because within the wanderer, whether or not it is consciously known, resides the knowledge of the harmony of the home density, of the love and the light, which is the normal way of being for the wanderer whence it came. The wanderer, especially if it is unconscious of being a wanderer—but also if it is conscious—has this knowledge with which to compare the experience it is now having within this third-density planet, at this time, where confusion and chaos reign supreme.

The consensus reality has far different means of feeling of what is valued to the seeker or to any entity upon the planet, for that which is of the mundane world is that which is held as the goal: the education, the job, the money, the status, the power. These are things which can be used positively, but most frequently are not upon this planetary sphere. Thus, the wanderer compares itself to those who hold this value system, and sees itself falling short, and especially if it is unconscious of its condition as a wanderer and does not know that there is another way of being that is in unity with all other entities and with the One Infinite Creation and Creator. Then, this wanderer shall again use this system of judgment within the consensus reality to place upon itself the harsh judgment, feeling that it is not worthy of its own esteem, because it is not worth of the esteem of those about it within the consensus reality.

Thus, such a wanderer will eventually have opportunities to realize its nature as a wanderer, and the falseness of the world around it, when considered in comparison to the unity of the One Infinite Creation in the density whence the wanderer originated.

Thus, at some point each wanderer will have the opportunity of making this realization that it is not better than anyone else, but it is different from those about it. [It] will see in this difference the possibility of worthiness: that there is much to value in love and in light, the foundation stone of each wanderer. Each wanderer may then look upon itself in a far different light, opening the heart to the self, loving the self, then being able to extend that love to others about it so that it is reflected back to the wanderer. As the love and the light of the One Infinite Creator begins to flow more and more through the wanderer’s heart, reaching that level of understanding, shall we say, that is possible within this third-density illusion, [the wanderer begins to realize] that it is one most worthy, or it would not be here serving this planet that so desperate needs the love and light of each wanderer upon it, for this planet is having great difficulty in becoming born into the fourth density of love and understanding.

Each wanderer is well aware of this problem, and seeks to give all that it has in the amelioration of the difficulty, of the chaos, of the hatred, of the separation, the division that exists among peoples of one kind or another, one color or another, one religion or another, one sense of self or another. The wanderer is here to help all realize that all are one, and the wanderer itself is an integral part of that oneness, of that unity.

Then, with this knowledge firmly established within the mind, the body and the spirit of the wanderer, the wanderer may go forth in love and in light, in peace and in power, and in the knowledge that it has that which is valuable to offer, for it is a valuable being. It is the One Infinite Creator.

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