Thursday 7 December 2023

Does Cellular Memory Affect Our Perceptions?

Could cellular memory be why so many people of varying nationalities, faiths, and cultures have come out in defense of Palestine?  Consider how most people alive today have ancestors who have experienced displacement, invasions, and/or attempted genocide.  Some people call this "colonialism".  Only a few of us can say that none of our ancestors experienced this because colonialism was/is persistent in our history.

My ancestors are largely Celtic.  The Donnelly's come from County Cork in Ireland.  Is the cellular memory of harvesting diseased potatoes from under plants that struggled to grow ---sick from a blight said to be started by a nearby country---- why I feel like a Palestinian today?  Is the cellular memory of losing loved ones to starvation why I've cried more than a few times this week in anger and rage at what I see happening?  You cannot silence the traumas trapped in our cells, in our memories, in the epigenetic changes now affecting our existence.  

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