Saturday 16 December 2023

Mushrooms, Regulation, and Free Will

The local Shroomyz store has been busted again and is now closed.  

All for our protection.

Let's ignore the fact that I can walk to the corner store and to the LCBO and buy large quantities of that which we know will harm us long term.

The steps to legalize plant medicine and educate on safe effective use, are being taken with purposely heavy and slow moving boots.

Legality of recreational substances isn't about safety.  

It's about control and the revenues that come from that control.  

I used to be all for regulation now I say, back off and get your own free will.  

No politician, no white coat, and no marketing specialist is telling me what I need to consume or not consume.

We are free and plant medicine slowly and systematically shows us that with prolonged use. 

Claim your free will.

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