Monday 3 March 2014

Ripe for a Cult

I've always sort of been open to new things.  Looking back, I don't really know when it started, or if there was any one thing that sparked my life-long curiosity, but here it is.  The internet and all of it's millions of hours of information was ... life changing to say the least, and fed that curiosity with more than I ever imagined.  Did you know that in other parts of the world, people drink the mid-stream of their morning urine? Urine Therapy ... and people rave about it's benefits!

More than any other part of life and culture, I obsessed about health.  Seems like a quick obsession eh?  I mean, Health Canada and most countries out there have a comprehensible Food guide for us to eat by. What about that, left me searching for more?  Health Canada also has this field of modern medicine with trained doctors and nurses to treat me.  What about that, left me searching for more there too?

The Donnelly homestead is located in rural Ontario and that's where I grew up.  I grew up watching my parents and farming neighbors work the ground each and every year.  I'd watch them throw ashes or food scraps on there to fertilize the soil.  There was magic in that there soil. Each grain of sand or soil having gone through the intestinal tract of the millions of dew worms living there.  I feel like I grew up grundgy, dirty-nailed and like a kin to the earth, and then became an adult who saw that sterility and cleanliness was the goal in every aspect out there.  Not sure how soon I made the connection, but it surely didn't feel right to me and my pagan core.

Watching surgeries with sterile instruments, latex gloves, and needles everywhere seemed utterly ridiculous when compared to the doctoring that I ever watched at the farm.  It just reiterated to me that there was a better way, a more natural way to treat illness and infection.  The white cloaked doc will give you a pill to cure that infection.  A pill that will have an affect on almost every other process in your body.  Or you could have a shaman or naturapath put some squirmy leaches on that one sore and they will clean it up better than any rubbing alcohol, and they'll do it without affecting any other part of your system.  Friggin gross... but friggin amazing!  

Gall-bladder flush
Liver flush
At-home enemas
Urine therapy
Hair treatments

Just ask my fam.  There were a few years there where Di's contribution to family dinners was always some kinda shit-over-the-log tree-hugger's concoction of grains nobody heard of!  But my family were great and they all tried some~ even my daddy who would take just the smallest of lovin' spoonfuls to make me feel good about myself.  I was influenced by them; this they could see.  I was a product of livin' off the earth ... as were they.

Even to this day, my curiosity is great.  It's not enough for me to simply see the finished product.  I want to know how it was made.  I need to step into those other shoes.  I need to see that view from right there. Here we go back to perspectives, but I wanna see what you see.  I wanna know why that makes you feel the way it does.  I just wanna know.

It is this insatiable hunger for knowledge that worries some people.  I know many many conspiracy theories. It doesn't mean I believe them all.  But I've read about them, and some of them do indeed have details that resonate with me.  But is this a bad thing?  In conversations, I bring these things up.  I love seeing the look on peoples' faces when you tell them about some of these alternative measures or as some call it, craziness.  But it was within the realms of one such conversation with a co-worker where I was told that I was "ripe for a cult."  He assumed that I believed everything I read, thus making me highly susceptible to being taken advantage of.  Now this co-worker is almost as polar opposite to me as he could be.  He sells cars during the day, goes home, walks his dogs, feeds his kids, and watches Dwarf porn til he falls asleep with his hand in his pants.   Well .... a cult or a travelling circus?  Maybe we're both ripe for something!

We're all weirdos.  Seriously.  There is something about you that only you get.  Guess what?  That's ok!  But if curiosity and the desire to know more about the world around you, makes you 'ripe for a cult', we'd still be wearing fig leaves over our private parts.

It was curiosity and an eagerness to learn that made DaVinci record the early flying vessels that he envisioned.
It was curiosity that encouraged early explorers to set off for the sunset with no idea where or even if they would land.
It was curiosity that made early Natives put corn kernels in the fire.
It was curiosity that gave prehistoric man and woman the wonderment of fire.

Without the natural urge of curiosity, where the hell would we be?  Can you imagine what life would look like if no one ever thought, "I wonder what would happen if I rubbed these two sticks together really fast?".

And finally, can you imagine where'd we be if that guy's co-worker discouraged him and told him he was ripe for a cult!?

Brrrrrrrrrr .... would be a more common sound :-)

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