Thursday 20 March 2014

The Passing of a furry nephew ... RIP Dexie

In a previous post I mentioned once having a huge pack of my own.  I had horses, dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, and lovebirds.  All interacting with one another on the daily.  It was a managerie of furry wonderfulness.  Some nights I fell asleep giggling at how many pets I had in bed with me at one time.

I recently said, "Ciao for now" to my last pack-member and furry feline India, knowing that she would very soon join the rest of our pack that have passed before her.  My own sister just said the same to her furry boy Dexter after sixteen years of love and life.  His energetic spirit will undoubtedly follow India's. For I believe energy to be like that.  It gathers when likeness is found ... like mercury from a broken thermometer.  You try to separate it; yet cannot.

My nephew Dexter was a funny boy.  A worry-wort who loathed bag-pipes, his mommy's absence, and anything but meat or cheese.  He wasn't too fond of the rumble strip on the highway either!   A one-woman dog, Dexter never really warmed up to anyone else unless his mommy was away.  Then he would very quietly come snuggle up next to you, touching you with his legs snuggled up underneath himself.  He was very very sensitive.  Not only because he was half poodle and half Shih tzu and his skin was thin, but he never really knew he was a dog, in my opinion.  His great loves were his ritual walks, going to gramma & grampa's house, and his little sister Gracie.

If I could, I would send a message to my passed-over pack members to treat Dexie with a little bit of softness.   I would ask that my Rotti Sasha show him her strong maternal side, and that my cocker spaniel Laya be a little less aloof to him.  My parents' dog Snookie will greet him, and my sister's dog Simon too. So many loved ones waiting for us to come back to the Source.

Upon re-reading, "Ciao for now" seems insensitive, overly light.  But it's been said that the word Ciao literally means, "goodbye for now".  So it is fitting.  I don't really believe in a heaven or a hell.  I only believe in the inevitability and the truth that energy cannot be extinguished.  Each and every living thing has this energy inside of it.  This soul.  This light.

So ... I'll literally see you soon my furry friends.  And don't forget to visit us in our dreams.

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