Sunday 16 March 2014

United Nations ~ Ukraine ~ City of Joy ... is there a connection?

Watching and listening to all the shtuff going on with Russia and Ukraine reminds me of the movie "City of Joy".  That's the movie with Patrick Swayze based in Calcutta, India.  Swayze is an American Doctor who teams up with a British nurse to build a clinic in the slums.

The part that reminds me of 2014, was the gang that everyone was forced to pay off each month for protection.  It seemed so one-sided to me.  The Doctor and Nurse would pay a sum of money with no idea what they'd get in return.  How would they be protected?  How well?  How soon?  How often?  With what means? And to what end?  And what happens if they can't pay one month?  What happens if they decide not to join that team at all?

Ukraine didn't join the team that is the United Nations.

If it had, would the UN do more?

Is there a connection here and a similarity in what you "pay for" and what you get?

And ... if there were HUGEMONGOUS stores of Oil in Crimea, would the U.S. do more to help the people of Ukraine?

Oh hell ya!

(imo ... but I might be out to lunch on this :-)

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