Saturday 5 April 2014

Black Box Technology in Every Politician's Vehicle.

I used to be in the car business.  Such a small yet fast-moving and profitable world that is.  I remember this one dealership that I worked at really valued it's customers.  And to show that appreciation, dealers wearing that brand all over Canada held yearly anniversary parties, usually taking place at the local drive in and/or amusement park.  That's where it was held the year I took part.  Right up on the hill that our Tragically Hip speak of in the first verse of that awesome song "Blow at High Dough".  It was amazing to take part in something like that.  Imagine it.  For one Sunday all of the salespeople ... new and used ... met and helped make this one day of gratitude rock.

It was here that I witnessed one of the poorest of judgments in a fellow human being that I had ever witnessed at that stage of my life.  One young couple were driving a loaner car because their own vehicle was waiting for a part.  The ownership in the glove box had a business number a dealer name on it.

Well ... we all learned about odors and osmosis in high school right?  It wasn't long at all until management and then the actual owners of the dealership became aware of the weed smell wafting from the cracked windows of their brand new demo car.  The gall.  The poor judgement of youth.

Segue now to Toronto.  Our mayor has done crack cocaine in a drunken stupor.  To me, those are two statements that are obvious cries for help masked in some kind of elitist ideology that the drunkenness is an acceptable excuse for the crack use.  Not only this, but it's pretty difficult if not impossible to get crack home delivery these days lemme tell ya.  And they say we have free enterprise!  I jest ... truly ... humor is a coping mechanism for me now.  What's my point?

It came to me just now as I vacuumed that Mayor Ford has undoubtedly used the same poor judgement that those two young small town kids used at that anniversary appreciation day.  I, and the owners of that dealership excused and forgave that lax in sanity to inexperience and lack of respect.  What are we blaming Ford's poor judgement on?

I mean ... think about it:  It is very very likely that cocaine was not only purchased from, but then cooked in and then frantically consumed in a vehicle whose ownership reads "The City of Toronto", "The Canadian Kennedy's", or maybe .... "The Gatekeepers of Etobicoke"?

Maybe we need some good 'ol Black Box technology installed in every politician's vehicle!

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