Friday 4 April 2014

Love's Eternal Tide ... guest piece by my good friend Jane Lambert

Love is a force.  Love is real.  Love cannot hide.  Love cannot steal.
Love can find you, love can loose you, love doesn't lie, love can only heal.
Love doesn't need, love doesn't want, love doesn't force, love doesn't hate.
Love is sunshine, love is everywhere.
Love is sitting on a park bench in early spring, (I remember this), love is smelling a flower, (I remember this also).
Love is telling the truth even if it might piss the other person off.
Love is never wanting to let go of ... love.
Love is knowing how you feel, even if it hurts.
Love is trusting your gut, without attachments to anything.
Love is your friend in the darkest of your darkest nights.
Love is everywhere, you just have to be still enough to feel it.
Be still, my friend, be still, love's eternal wave is here ... it's ebb and flow embraces you, welcomes you, warms you, invites you, to come out with the flow.
You never know what treasures you will come back with when you reach shore.
Love is, love will always be.

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