Wednesday 9 April 2014

Capitalism Sux

Imagine if some salesman came to your door selling you a health supplement.  It's not cheap, but depending on your country it might be covered.  Someone does indeed make money from this supplement~and lots of it ~if not the salesman himself.  You take it, you believe in it, the science is solid and real.  But the supplement reacts badly with something in your system, in your blood, in your genetic makeup.  It really doesn't matter why, because you're sick.  Imagine if you couldn't even hold anyone responsible, or get reimbursed for hospitals visits and medications.  Imagine if you found out that that supplement maker is governed by a "no-fault" system for litigating damages.

People react to simple things these days like Tums, makeup, foods like chickpeas.  So no one can deny that there is a chance that you or your child will react to a vaccination.  The very vaccinations that people are crying out for the world to mandate. Studies proving vaccinated kids are healthier than unvaccinated kids would go a long way to convince me.  As would studies that prove GMO food, Fluoride, and yearly dental xrays are safe too!  But that will never happen because the results will affect someone's income.

Capitalism sux when it trumps public health and safety.

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