Friday 24 June 2016

Regulate It Already!!

I have respectful conversations about Cannabis law reform all the time.

I love regulation.

In my eyes, regulation protects the consumer from the capitalists.

For we Cannabis users, regulation could mean never ever getting less
than what you paid for again.  Never getting seedy-weedy.  It could mean,
languishing luxuriously in a safe store clerked by Birkinstock wearing
tree-huggers as you decide which strain to buy.  It means never hiding
that payment transaction again.  Never feeling awkward or unsafe again.
Many buy from trustworthy friends, but not all are so lucky.
Regulation of Cannabis could mean quality assurances if those are
desired; or not.  Regulation of Cannabis could mean that the people
who have been growing this medicinal plant for years and years could
actually sell it legally to be sold in said safe stores.  Then they could turn
around and buy homes and vehicles and stocks in the market.

Are all the dispensaries closed yet?  Is the field level at last?

Let's regulate the sale of this plant and get it done fast.

The people recently spoke to Premiere Wynne via sales figures and voila ...
the people of Canada LOVE apple cider.  It was released today that we'll soon
buy Cider in L*blaws too the way we now buy Beer.
Guzzle guzzle. (50K deaths per year).

I think the recent revelation of just how many of these expensive cannabis
dispensaries have managed to stay open, is as clear a message as those Cider
sales figures were.

The people of Canada have spoken ... we want to buy our cannabis in a store.
We want grassroots cannabis; not factory grown.
We want clerks in Birks not white-coats showing us how.
Why are you ignoring this?  It's like we're BEGGING you to tax us!!

(Many days I wonder why)

The Legalization Task-force is so worried about all those who SHOULDN'T use cannabis ....
while there are millions of Canadians who SHOULDN'T use alcohol.  Why are you giving
them easier access?  Why are you encouraging the impulse buy of a product that gives you
a hangover?

What about the rest of us?  What about we cannabis users?

Zero deaths by toxicity people.  Zero deaths.

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