Monday 13 June 2016

The Daily Habit of Highly Happy Peeps

I'm re-watching the series "Weeds" and I'm at the part where Silas asks his mom why she's only selling weed and not coke or meth.  Nancy-Pants is my age.  I'm on her side as I watch this.  Such a complicated and flawed character.  I look at this question from her perspective.  As a business-person who uses no drugs, why would Nancy Botwin limit her profit potential to only serving pot-heads?

I have friends in all categories.  I know what each of these drugs can do to a user.  I know what happens when they run out, the urgency of each is different, and similar.  It's a duck-duck-goose scenario without a doubt.  Coke and meth are the ducks;  Cannabis is the goose.  And, like the Canada Goose, this plant could be this country's hero.

You see, we pot-heads use every single day.  We use several times a day.  Unlike the antidepressant pills I used to take once daily, I use this antidepressant approximately every two to five hours.  And, as someone who has spent many years following the orders of a 'white-coat', swallowing pills made for the masses, I can tell you that the lack of negative side-effects associated with cannabis as my antidepressant, is a big reason why I use the plant and not pills.

People who use every day ensure that they have supply.  They don't like to run out, so as a business person, they're not likely to waste your time or come knocking at your door at 1 am on a Thursday night.  We pot-heads have some choices depending on where we live, but for years we've had one or two friends we have an agreement with, and we maintain that relationship like it's family.  As a business person, Nancy-Pants knows that slow and steady (and safe) wins the race.

If however, she were into making some quick fast cash, coke and meth would do that for her.  The return-business is quick and awake 24/7.  These are the buyers you don't make friends with or tell where you live.  Both of these drugs drives the user to lose all sense of social norms.  Their brains need the drug, and they need it now.

As a business person, and on a business-only level, selling weed and only weed is one of the few smart moves Nancy-Pants makes.  Poor Nanc .... I don't think she ever truly grieved Judah's death.

This is why we can't keep categorizing Cannabis in with other street drugs.  I mean, as far as I know, there are millions of illegal medical marijuana users in Canada alone.  And yet, we have a system that only allows the white-coats and a few lucky others to legally grow this perfectly safe and incredibly medicinal plant.  We have made a regulatory system of growing and providing this medicine so complex and costly that only those already successful in the pharmaceutical industry can even afford to join in.  It's truly gross when you consider the fact that the factories that make Oxycontin, Fentanyl Patches, and W-19 (100 times stronger than fentanyl) don't even require the same ridiculously stringent security requirements as the LP system does.

I believe that from day one, the MMPR was planned out to be what we see today.  It was but a spark in Harper's eye, and capitalism and a drunk nanny, have allowed this baby to grow into a monster. They saw the scary black market and thought they had to lock this poor plant down, when all they had to do to remove the criminal element, was to allow us to grow our own.

C'mon Canada, it's not too late.  You have to take your head out of your beautiful ass and see this plant as what it truly is, a gift from Mother Nature.  Let us grow our own and heal ourselves so we can live and play and work and make Canada even greater than she is.  Let us take part in this industry.  Open the Craft Cannabis industry to the small business-owner and see our country thrive. We have Craft Beer and Craft Wine ... why not Craft Cannabis?

When Cannabis is finally legalized, the amount used and sold is going to increase dramatically. Turning flowers into concentrates or oils is not unlike that other Canadian industry we love, the Maple Syrup Industry.  Like Maple Syrup, Cannabis concentrates take a lot of product to make the sweet gift we see at the end.  It's no longer only about smoking.

Cannabis ... the safe business venture.  And that says something about we 'Pot-heads' doesn't it?

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