Thursday 29 April 2021

My Evolution From Angst to Awakening

 ** This post is dedicated to the Spirits guiding this unity and to ....
Sue Letwin of Indicapable for being exactly what I need in a fellow seeker, friend, sister.

Trevor Millar for literally putting the documentary "Finding Joe" in my lap.

Rebecca Short for confirming what I knew all this time & for giving us all permission to believe.

Today is the first day of my higher frequency & positive life.

A visual came showing me that I have been literally in the ditch digging shovels upon shovels of crap up into full view.

The thought was that if others saw what I see, things would naturally change.  

Ideally, I would eventually climb out & begin to do something with the shovels of crap I'd piled beside the trench.

But I don't because when I think about doing it, I get the krakken around my throat which makes me immediately want to give up trying because it feels like I can't breath.

Many years ago I named my depression--that many tentacled power that hides itself from view by internalizing just under my skin ready to erupt the second I feel the angst.

I see now that the Krakken thrives in that angst.

If angst were relative humidity, the Krakken would be FRESH as a 58 as we say at Boveda.

The minute I attempt to pull out it grabs on.

I learned yesterday in my Psychedelic therapy class that an emotion literally lasts for about 90 seconds.

In that 90 seconds of thinking that I CAN'T, the Krakken wins time & time again dammit.

I'm retiring my shovel friends ... and pickin' up the highest frequency I can muster until it becomes the norm.

Thing is, I can already sort of feel and see this reality crumbling.

I'm finding people ~ and people are finding me.

Unity has begun & I am finally following my bliss Joseph!

Let's do this 👁

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