Friday 17 February 2023

I Wish We'd Stop Putting Conditions on Faith


I believe all faiths, all churches, all religions are of the One Prime Creator.

And I believe that each and every one of those religions has been in some way, manipulated by humanity for control. 

This is why holy books were re-written so very many times.

Each change was for a reason depending on whom the changes were made by.

As my friend stated the other night, almost every faith has a prophecy about this period of time, this shift.

We're shifting from identity based living to heart based living among other things.

What I see and the reason for this post, is that the above statement isn't biblical enough for some people.  It wasn't worded this way in their holy book so they shun it immediately.

Yet in my 49 year old eyes, the Creator is so much more than one holy book, one story, one way of living.  

Creator is all things--good and bad.

To deny this is to deny the completeness of Source.

Source created everything and man fucked it up. lol   But in fucking it up, man learned and grew and evolved.

It's a tough crowd right now, have you noticed?  Here's my own personal experience as someone who was raised Roman Catholic from birth but who now considers themselves a Spiritualist who is very aware of Ascended Master Yeshua.

People exist today who will continually make you feel like you're not worshipping enough.  It's no longer enough to believe in Source--you have to also believe that Source is male.

But now to top that, it's not enough that you believe this, you must also believe and decree that Jesus (Yeshua) is your lord and master.  Some even further change what I learned as a Catholic and say that Jesus IS God in human form.

To some, if you don't exclaim this about Yeshua, you're fodder for the fiddler in that song.  You're basically put on the same level as an atheist to them.

So why is this happening?  While I see similarities and correlations between ALL beliefs and factions and faiths and people, some Christians are basically moving goalposts of faith.  Do they want a smaller group?  I see that the Christian faith was like a pipeline and then suddenly, it's bottlenecked.

This is separation.  This is DIS-UNITY.  This IS the evil we rage against.  

And, I almost think in this moment that the idea that it's a Christian's path to spread the good news about Jesus to as many ears who'll listen, is in and of itself the work of those who seek to disunite us.  It is not possible to convince everyone that Jesus is King because so many other faiths exist.  

Were some of the newer ones created so that this plan would be sure to fail?

Very deep Friday thoughts eh?

Prime Creator is UNconditional love. Yet I see conditions being put on faith and belief and mindset at a time when neural pathways are already wearily blocked by fear.  To the traumatized brain, this feels like once again you're not enough.  You give up, opening yourself up for negative energy to set up camp around you.  Who wins then?  You know.

I know that Source has no conditions.  I know that Source loves all because Source created all.

The conditions being placed upon us are, in my opinion attempting to separate us because in great numbers our light is stronger than we can imagine.

Feel gratitude and/or thank Prime Creator once a day.  It's truly as easy as that.


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