Friday 17 February 2023

We Got This -- An Anonymous Call to Unity in the Name of Prime Creator *original author unknown*

*original author unknown*

I’ve read the book of Revelation my entire life. I shook my head for that chosen generation. The one that would hold the line. 

The one that would have to endure. The one that would have to rise up. 

The one that would have to get off of the back row and put their money where their mouth is. 

The one that could no longer skate by simply by picking up a card and filling it out. 

No, they’d have to pick up the armor of the Living God. They’d have to lay down their comfort and they’d have to lose their friends to actually be who they said they were. 

I knew they’d be chosen. 

I knew they’d be savages in the kingdom of God. 

I knew they’d mean what they said to their tenacious core when they cried out... 


And I knew He would too...send them. 

In all honesty I think I grieved for them. 

But I quite literally had no idea they would be us. 

I had no idea that one of them was staring back at me in the mirror. 

An end time serviceman. 

I had no idea it would be you. 

I had no idea it would be me. 

I couldn’t fathom that He’d trust us with this. 

Not us. Surely, not us. 

But here we are. 

It’s creeping in isn’t it? It’s lurking around the dark corners and you can sense it. It’s waiting to reveal itself. We feel the pressure. 

Something within us is quickening. 

It sends a shiver down the spine if dwelt upon for lengthy time periods. 

He’s calling the worshippers to arise, the preachers to raise their volume, the anointed to birth their gifts, the prophets to take up their call...

The church to be who she’s always claimed to be...

And My Dear God, I hope she can. 

It’s as if I feel Him whispering in the night...

“Beloved, prepare. Beloved, it’s time.”

A time that will require prayerful weepers and solid soldiers. Just like you, I’m trying not to be afraid. 

But in my desperation and confusion I do know that He would not call a defective generation of believers to something this weighty. He would not trust this to just any run of the mill followers. 


He’d entrust it to warriors.

He’d put His faith in the unshakable ones. 

He’d finish out with the unrelenting combatants. 

So remember, He must know something that we don’t know about us. 

Perhaps he’s saved the strongest for last. 

I’m decreeing that we’re wise enough. I’m believing that we’re strong enough. I’m standing upon the promise that we’re a generation that knows what to do. That knows how to stand in the gap. That knows how to intercede in the wee hours of the night. I’m clinging to the hope that we’re the ones that know when all else fails it’s time to put faces to carpet and accompany it with fasting continually. 

I’m believing we’re enough and holding fast that El Shaddai: The All Efficient one is our rear guard. 

Hold your head high...

You’re in a mighty, chosen, spectacular army. 

An outpouring we will see. 

An awakening we will birth. 

It will reach the nations, it will burn with Holy Ghost and Fire, but first it has to burn within us. 

We’re revival revealers. 

We’re Fire-Raisers. 

We’re rallying for the reveal party.

And the God of the ages has entrusted us with such a time and task as this. 

It will take grit, it will require determination and it will demand the absolute Fire of the Holy Ghost...

But that’s okay...

I’m proclaiming that we’re spiritual pyromaniacs and we’ve been anxiously awaiting our cue. 🔥

*original author unknown*

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