Tuesday 26 March 2024

Changes in Mindset After Researching the Reality of the World

An interesting thing has happened to my brain, my mindset, and my outlook since educating myself on the reality of this world in this moment.  

I used to be able to fit people and thoughts into neat and tidy boxes of acceptance or rejection.  It was really easy to decipher back then but today, things are nowhere near this neat and tidy.

We all have benevolence and we all have shadow so those boxes were almost always a fraud.  

Now, it's all just a mess of thoughts and theories but what's changed is the pedestal that that way of thinking uses to differentiate people, has now disappeared.  No one stands above you and I -- we bow to no one because there is no hierarchy between us.  

The separation of good/bad ... wealthy/poor ... well educated/uninformed is the real illusion because most of the knowledge is lies and money means fuck all when you're dead. 

I'm nowhere near figuring it all out but I'm really happy to now be able to hold many many many thoughts and theories at the same time not really sure of any of them but not hooking onto any perceived outcome they offer.

I personally think this is the way.


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