Monday 4 March 2024

Deeper Thoughts into Densities and the Knowledge Gained Through Incarnation

 Deeeeeep Monday Thoughts . . . .

I now look at existence somewhat through the eyes of the woo woo.

In the channeled sessions with Ra discussing the Law of One, I learned of the differing densities.  First is the elements, second are plants and animals, third is you and I, 4th and 5th are to come.

So, take a Lemon seed for instance.  It's a 2nd density being that has a consciousness and is existing for the purpose of growth and learning. 

Most Lemon seeds exist inside the fruit, usually discarded in the trash and there, may germinate if the conditions are right.  When the seed eventually ceases to exist in its organic form, it passes the veil and is given a life review.  I imagine those are pretty quick as, what growth could an ungerminated seed really attain?

Now take the many many Lemon seeds I have germinated and care for now as small Lemon trees.  When the plant expires which some of them do from my own negligence and ignorance, it passes that same veil and has SO MUCH to review!!!  

Okay now take it one step further, knowing that we all have a soul plan that we, with others, created before incarnating--this gets me teary -- does that mean that I have made this plan with all of these seeds??????  


If this is true, then what a magical place this is!!!!  It almost must be a matrix, a program, a controlled space.  I mean, do you know how picky I am when I pick out a Lemon????  Or the many other grocery store seeds I've germinated and now grow as plants!?  Some I've found on the reduced rack which in itself is a miraculous thing if you align with this belief that somehow I "chose" the right fruit with the seeds that have the souls that I have that arrangement with.

In this, I find great GREAT satisfaction, wonder, and pride.  If I have made these many many contracts or plans, then I can celebrate in the knowledge that I'm doing what I said I'd do .... something I haven't always done but try to now live by.  

I have now germinated and grow:

Avocado pitts

Mango pitts

Grapefruit seeds  

Lemon seeds  

Orange seeds  

Blood Orange seeds   

Cumquat seeds  

Prickly Pair Cactus seeds  

Dragon Fruit (cactus) seeds 

Date pitts  

Passion Fruit seeds  

Loquat seeds  

Most of these still grow, gaining knowledge and expanding their own consciousness day by day.  Could this soul and the time it spends living with me, creep it closer to graduating into higher 2nd density and speed its growth into 3rd?   Possibly!!  Ra states that some pets do indeed experience this because of us and what we teach them and allow them to experience while here.

There is another reason though for realizing this.  I often feel guilt and sadness when one of these small trees/plants dies.  Yet even in death, can they see how much further they've "grown" in this incarnation ... thanks to me.  

And this helps me feel happiness and yes, pride where guilt and loss was once felt, encouraging me to do more. 

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