Wednesday 27 March 2024

Nova Scotia's "Financial Measures Act" --- Making YOUR Health Info Fully Accessible to the Govt

Nova Scotia is trying to pass "The Financial Measures Act" that would give the govt full access to your Medical Records and health information.  

People with mental health challenges experience discrimination during the hiring process if and when they disclose mental illness. If you dare to shed tears at work, you'll be labeled and scrutinized for expressing your emotions.

People with multiple issues requiring multiple prescriptions experience discrimination if and when the cost of those scripts become apparent to the employer and to the employer's insurance carriers.

People with misunderstood chronic illnesses experience discrimination if and when they disclose these health challenges to people who have no clue of their ability or disability.  

Do we think our Governments will treat us differently than potential employers?  

They want to know everything about you but why?  Why would they want to know all of this?  Does it have anything to do with the WEF's Pandemic Treaty?  

Be aware of what they're trying to do even --or especially if it doesn't affect you because those affected may need YOU to speak for them.  

We are one and breaking this one is not going to be easy.  

Don't make it easier for them.

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