Sunday 24 April 2016

My Body, My Choice in Medicine

I was recently told by a cannabis legalizing clinic that ...

"A person can't just say that they've used cannabis for the
past 15 years to treat something and expect for us to make
them legal. That's not how it works."

Hmmmm ....

I get maybe sometimes they're correct, but sometimes
that's exactly how it should work.

For instance, I've lived in this body for 42 years.

I know that white breads give me gas.
I know that mangos give me a rash.
I know what binds me up; and what makes me run.
I know when a pill will help; and when it'll make me barf.

I know my body and I treat it in a way that I have learned
ameliorates its daily functioning.

So .... if the whitecoats think this isn't how it should work,
they should take a seat.

We know our biologies.
We're not the first humans to self-medicate.
That's what humans do and quite often, we do
it better than the white coats can.

Scenario: I've gone thru the gamut of meds for my depression.
I've used cannabis for it for 14 years.
NUMEROUS bodily systems improved when I began this and
finally stopped the pills.

So they're saying that I need a white-coat to look over my system and the
many studies on cannabinoid therapy and then decide to give me permission
to use the plant that I know works.

Is it about control? Are we minions?

Once I lock my apartment door, they cannot control anything.

Especially not my mind.

Sigh .... just legalize it ffs.

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