Wednesday 6 April 2016

Natural Disasters Not Covered by Insurance?

Being a responsible adult means insuring your home.  Being a responsible adult means reading the fine print.  As coma-inducing as your insurance contract is, we've all read and chuckled over the clauses that void said contract.  For instance, in home insurance there are clauses that state that the contract is void if damage is done by "natural causes" or even at times worded as "acts of God". What does that even mean?

Well one family from Oasis, B.C. now knows exactly what that means.  The foundation under their home is shifting, and though they've made several attempts to steady it, the middle of their home is sinking.  An immediate evacuation order has been made and this family is now totally uprooted and fighting to keep their home.

How is a young family supposed to recover from a natural disaster like this?  Shari and Trevor are still paying on that home ... a home that they may be forced to walk away from.  Essentially having given up years of mortgage and insurance payments, money they'll never get back.

What must this be like for their children Kaylin and Lucas to see their parents wracked with worry? To know that they may never be able to move back into their home?  I can't help but put myself in their shoes, and I can't imagine how they're feeling right now.  I'd imagine "lost" is a good way to describe how they all feel.

And all of this is because mother nature has a clogged drain?  All because there is more ground-water this year?  Who's fault is that?  This brings up a good question:  why is there no-fault insurance for car owners but not for home-owners?  You can read here about their on-going struggles with drainage in the area.  As clearly implied in this article, today it's Shari and Trevor being evacuated, but tomorrow could be their neighbors too!!

Mountainous British Columbia ... I'd still move there in a heartbeat.  For many of us, that vast expanse just signifies freedom.  Oasis is located in the West Kootenay region of British Columbia. Nestled near the Selkirk mountains, it's one of the most beautiful places in the world.

This blog isn't really a political one, but with ventures in fracking and other ground-disrupting practices flourishing, can we really be sure this is from natural causes?  As recent as last June, numerous communities including some close to Oasis, were awoken by a thunder-like boom that has been chocked up to possible blasting, road construction or rock quarrying.  Though none were scheduled. But as you can read here what some of the locals thought, many suspecting fracking in nearby Idaho and Washington.

It seems like a lost cause to fight the insurance companies.  They are too big to fail.  So when this type of disaster strikes, the communities step in.  It's a beautiful thing to see so many people giving money via crowdfunding sites like this one.  It truly feels good to help, it feels good to give.  The loving community that this family live in and among has blessed them with generosity.  The money raised will help them pay rent on their home away from home, as well as pay the plethora of other bills that are surely coming their way.  Who knows, with exposure comes miracles.

So, if you can give, please do.  If not, please share.

It takes a community to make sure we all make it through.

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