Friday 24 September 2021

Gaslighting -- The Overused Leg-Up of 2021


When you are honest, it gives others the ability to mock you.

Sometimes that honesty is seen as a weapon.

I watched Hell's Kitchen again this season.  The one woman had a panic/ anxiety attack in the very first episode.  She made no secret of her mental health issues.

Two episodes ago, she was up for elimination against two male competitors.

They BOTH used her mental health issues as a reason why THEY deserved to stay in the competition and she did not.


However, anyone who chooses to demean you based on an illness, disability, or condition is a weak weak, shitty-minded person.  

In the end, Trenton, the winner of Hells Kitchen 2021 GASLIT one of his opponents.

But I'm stubborn so I continue to discuss my mental health issues, my depression, my therapy, my experience with meds, and finally my success with plant medicine.  

And now, I just use this as a clear and concise decision maker when removing ass-pects from my life 🙂 

One day, we'll all laugh at how silly we meat-sacks were.

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