Tuesday 7 September 2021

People Believing People Push Progress #BodyAutonomy


Over a million of us screamed that Opioids were not for everyone.

We shared personal testimonials.

Today, the makers of Oxycodone have been fined hugely (though not hugely enough)


Doctors prescribed opioids to many of us.

Even when we said we didn't want them (like me after my gall bladder removal) we STILL GOT THEM under a different name! (Tramadol) 

Were the Doctors guilty of causing addiction?

Were the Doctors guilty of causing harm?

Are the Doctors currently guilty of causing bodily harm?

No ... our Doctors are tied to an archaic, ineffective, capitalistic form of medicine.  Many of times our Doctors LEARN from Pharmaceutical reps who are SELLING a product & EARNING a commission.

I started antidepressants at age 18 & literally felt like I was floating outside of myself.

One script, two scripts, three scripts make a cocktail.

Don't miss a dose or your brain will ZAP.

There came a time when I said EHOUGH.

If the meds worked, it was for people other than me.

I decided about 7 years ago that I would decide what regimen 

I would use to treat my mental health.

That wasn't easy.

I had to push Push PUSH.

When my new Dr asked why I thought Cannabis relieved my depression I interrupted and said, 

"I don't think it relieves it, I KNOW it relieves it."

Amazingly, his demeaner changed immediately.

That was many years ago & the last time I spoke to him over 2 years ago, he said,

"We're finding that the Endocannabinoid System is very complex"

I couldn't hide the grin that day, knowing I might have had a wee itty bitty part of solidifying his confidence in what I know to be true.

It takes a community to teach the healer to heal.


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