Tuesday 7 September 2021

Thoughts on Leadership & How They Really View Us


Hey friends!   Remember this?  

Justin Trudeau on Breakfast Television  <<At minute 8:20 my question video was played.

Wouldn't it be great if a new party came in and removed the tax from Medical Cannabis??

Justin believes that some of us are committing fraud which is a kick in the throat to every legal Cannabis patient in Canada. I campaigned for him, knocked on doors, even scrutineered for Justin's trusty local representative & Landlord, Mark Gerretsen.  But he's really kicking the LEGALIZING DOCTORS in the throat because no one gets legal to use Cannabis WITHOUT an assessment from a Doctor. I worked at Cdn Cannabis Clinics and know that the Cannabis producers are as strict as the pharmacist is with your other scripts.

Medical Cannabis is STILL the only Medicine prescribed by a Doctor that is taxed to the patient.  For Canadians on assistance of almost any kind cannot get coverage for Cannabis which keeps them taking more harmful and dependency-building pharmaceuticals. Yet, Cannabis is safer. Forcing low-income patients to take the medication you want them to take by way of cost completely aligns with forcing us to take an experimental shot with insufficient long term safety studies.

We all see the overdose deaths. There are few to no Cannabinoid receptors in the brain stem so you cannot overdose on Cannabis.  

WHY isn't Health Cda ENCOURAGING people to use Cannabis through their Doctors?????? 

A recent Harvard Study showed that two sessions with a therapist and Psilocybin was 4X more effective than antidepressants.  

WHY aren't we ENCOURAGING your Health Minister to reply to the daily emails she receives from TheraPsil.  

My friend Shelley said something cool last night. She said that she's grateful to Justin Trudeau for making this possible. The energy of that gratitude will help her. I too, will visualize gratitude to him for throwing out a life-line when he obviously realizes he's drowning. We got this JT. The PEOPLE of Canada got the future all planned out my friend.  Parity as far as the eye can see.  The PPC future sees every Canada having a home because as you yourself stated, a home is a human right. They see body autonomy, Canadians first, then help others.

Y'know all of those Doctors who are being censored?  Many of their names were mentioned tonight.  Imagine a NEW Health Canada made up of Doctors like that. Doctors that put their reputations, careers, futures, income on the line and in some cases, for risking their lives.  

That should be rewarded for THEY held true to their oath to DO NO HARM to practice Peer Review. That's what's incredible is that Peer Review is going on right now all over the planet except that it's not being televised or allowed to be shared.  Many of us including myself spent 30 days in facebook jail unable to comment, like, or post anything because I dared to share videos of Canadian and International Doctors practicing that which was the norm before this pumpernickel began--peer review.

I personally believe that they should be rewarded for their selflessness and bravery while speaking truth to power that used to be their peer.  

This is it friends .... this is our opportunity to flip the system!

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