Saturday 11 September 2021

Purpose Helps Me Sleep Well


Like many, I still struggle with knowing what I'm meant to do.  I have many skills now but when the angel numbers tell me I'm to continue fulfilling my purpose, it almost confuses me more!!!

Which thing? Which iron in the fire am I to focus my attention?

I currently have several articles in progress.  From woo-woo to housing, I'm expressing myself with no idea if I'll ever publish them anywhere other than my own blog.

But I went to sleep last night feeling a sense of satiation with how I lived purposefully yester day.  

I managed my online hours.  

I detached emotion while there.

I shared compassion with several of my other selves

I added to the above mentioned articles in progress

I enriched my spirituality by reading some of Jesus' words 2.0

Each night now I speak to Creator. I speak to them like they're my home boy, my bestie .... the person who knows everything about me and still loves me.  

Because that's what Creator is.  

Cleansing the mind of anything other than the knowledge of that unconditional love is easier now.  It's easier for me and you.  Try it.

Our existence is Creator's way of experiencing itself.  Mistakes are experience too and without moments of angst, embarrassment, struggle, failure, yada yada yada ... we would never learn. 




I love you.

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