Tuesday 25 June 2024


 What one can do; we all can do.

Lest we have faith?  Sorry that just sort of followed.

FAITH eh?  

In my group of seekers Sunday night, I picked the card of FAITH from the Sacred Mushroom deck.  

That word used to feel icky and now it feels comforting and true.

In the end, I really do believe that when we see how big the light is, we'll see how silly it was/is to think even for a moment that the shadow would win. 

The light always wins.  It just takes a long ass time.  All the more time to learn and grow through dealing with those who are different from us.  

Ra of the Law of One refers to other people as our "other selves".

They say that the interaction of you and your other selves, is the greatest catalyst for growth.  But even further, they said that the greater the difference between the two of you, the greater the catalyst and thus the greater the growth. 

Nods to those who push against that indoctrination and the rules it made our parents lay down when it came to "talking to strangers".  I got to know people that my parents told me to avoid. I talked to strangers, made friends with strangers, learned from strangers.  These moments and memories I'll never forget.

Over the years, they've made sure that "strangers" are scary and risky, pushing all of us to keep to ourselves, never getting that catalyst, never getting that growth. 

But shits gettin' weird and I am HERE for it.  I'll make the munchies and roll the doobs.  And I say that because I have FAITH that the light has already won and we're just watching a movie so others see for themselves how absolutely far off the moral rails, current leadership in the WORLD has gone. 

The light always wins.

I love you! 

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