Thursday 27 June 2024

Thoughts on Unaffordable Therapy

 I'm seeing a lot of programs for sale right now.  These are ways to reclaim your body and mind or they're to stimulate your vagus nerve with bowl and human singing.  Others allow you to get high on your own supply then be guided through a meditation.

These programs are often costly at a time when essentials like food, medicine, and fuel to get places is at an all-time high.  

The thing is, we're partway to the new Earth where money doesn't belong or align.  

I've seen other programs being done on a sliding scale, by donation only, or with an affordable fee.  The facilitators have said they're doing this at such a low price BECAUSE they're trying to fake it till they make it to that new Earth where money has no place.

I just spent an hour listening to a Doctor turned Holistic specialist that I admire greatly.  She has taught me so much.  But the program is $1500.  In the intro she discussed how we women will learn to love ourselves, our bodies, our brains, our containers wherever we choose to make it.  She said this will help us to love our mates more and be okay with whatever our relationships bring forth.

Yet, I'd have to personally borrow money to do this.  I'd have to discuss this long and hard with my partner and likely borrow from him or from Madam Mastercard. 

Do we see the confusion here?

This program is to help women reclaim their independence.  

But you'll likely have to borrow to do it.

In this intro, it was mentioned how sometimes we in our weakness and our trauma, will judge other women.  I'm judging this woman for the cost of her program--plain and simple.

Feel it and let it go.  Feel it and let it go.  

As the wisest and cutest man once said, "Di, you don't have to have anything to do with anyone you don't want to."

I used to have to find a negative or get angry in order to do this but now I just simply see and understand that the facilitator and I are on different paths.  The old me would've burned her book and denied any aid her knowledge gave me.  But not this me.

My path is to the New Earth where kindness is the norm and money is no more.

Not getting delayed on my way there. 

I love yoU!

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