Thursday 21 August 2014

Aggression: No Reason to Shoot

Sometimes I like to read the comments and online convos of people about current events.  The current event at the moment is far too similar to what it was last summer.  Another black kid got shot by a white cop.  Kid is dead.  Cop is still free.  Same story ... different time.

When the Ferguson PD made the highly unethical decision to release that video of a black kid robbing a convenience store for cigars, it changed many people's outlook.  One guy said that upon re-watching the video, if it were him and that 6 foot+ kid came on to him with that aggression he wouldn't hesitate to pull out his concealed weapon and shoot him.  For aggression.  We've officially stepped backward humanity.

In my uneducated, ill-experienced opinion, aggression is so far from being a reason to shoot someone that I felt choked.  I mean, I felt aggression last season from a customer over undercooked Spring rolls.  I remember in high school this guy was being a dink and I chose this one day to confront him.  It happened to be the day he quit smoking cigarettes.  He slammed the locker so hard the wind messed my hair.  I'll admit I have felt aggression too.  Not so much recently, but I've definitely been known to do some regretful things.

Now let's look at that can we?  Where does aggression come from?

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**Financial woes~ "The Unemployment rate declined last month."
**Relationship woes
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...... and many many more as we're all individual.

Aggression is life sometimes.  Heck ... I've heard some foreign languages that sound aggressive.

Not really sure how to end this one ... other than ... can we try to give one another a break?

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