Tuesday 12 August 2014

Big Pharma Infiltrates True Blood !!

The series is ending and Bill wants the true death.  He's tired.  He wants to want something other than the coppery tang of blood.  Can't say that I blame him.

The writing in this series is almost as good as the writing in the books.  I've read them all and now it's all jumbled in my brain ... no matter though.  True Blood is the closest to porn that this apartment will ever watch ... except maybe for the Game of Thrones.

At least we like it.  Not everyone does and I didn't either at first.  Eric looked stinky and anemic in the first season and Bill just wasn't my cup of canna-tea at all.  But the writing shows you the back-story.  The writing very quickly has you empathizing for these 'un-dead' beings ... that is until the fangs come out.

So ... to catch y'all up ... some group of conservative fang-haters has created a virus called Hep V that will eventually kill all of the Vamps.  Like today's Big Pharma, they also made an antidote or a cure.

As I watched this one scene Sunday night, I could not believe that I hadn't suspected it.  You see, the antidote got stolen and then found.  It seemed that Bon Temps may live on still in this melting pot of cultures. Except the white-coats needed to do a little something extra to the cure.  They needed to ensure that their pockets got lined in the meantime.

Wow.  The reason I watch that show is because it takes me out of reality.  And now it's just the same.

Think about it for a minute . . . . .

Big Pharma and their white-coats are creating pill after pill after serum after serum that will help you live a pain free life.  But they won't cure you.  This is job security for them.

Cures do not let them line their pockets ... only the pills that you need to take FOREVER will fill their accounts.

I mean, when was the last time a new Anti-biotic was created?

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