Saturday 2 August 2014

Recreation with a Healthy Trade-Off

Looking at pics of oil that a buddy made, puts me back a few years.  Today is a very 'mental' day for me.  I feel off.  FU dreams!  I can't really tell you what made my dreams stink.  But I feel it.  I woke up feeling it. Your own dreams should never leave you feeling guilt, shame, or sadness.  Must get myself an Amber bead necklace!!

On 'heavy feeling' days like this, I find it so easy to step back in time in my mind.  So here we go back to about 2003.  I owned my own house, had a car, a career, four furry best friends, a laptop, a brain, and a hunger for knowledge.  And from time to time, if the circumstances were right I had some Cannabis to enjoy. Btw my kitty used to come running when I lit up.  Cats have Cannabinoid receptors too!

Oh the Alternative Therapies that I learned of on that couch with that laptop. India my kitty sitting to my left purring on the arm of the couch.  Sasha my Rotti lying to my right ... never far from me ... staring at the kitty as usual.  Laya my Cocker usually took the dog pillow to gnaw on a bone.  And Lucian my stray male cat was always staring at India wanting to rile her up.  These are good memories for me.  I look back now and I see myself in Utopia.  If I could have had my horses in that house with me I would have found a way.  But I didn't feel content or in heaven.  I felt like a criminal.

Every single night that I smoked Cannabis, I'd go to bed vowing to quit.  I'd time it right, so that my stash was empty.  You see I bought into all of the illegality of it ... even bought into the mental damage part too.  I had depression and was taking meds for that.  I remember thinking, if it's so bad for my depression then why do I feel so much better after I partake?  So confusing.  Is being hypnotized with the Prohibitionist's propoganda enough to make us ignore our own bodies and how we feel?  I mean, everything and everywhere I was told that pot was bad for my depression!!  Why did I feel so much better?  Well, I guess maybe I even bought into the ... it's the drug, it's addictive, it's making you think you feel better theory.  I think my sister may have told me that once while she was taking an 'Abnormal Psych' course.  But that was before she changed her view.  Just like Sanjay Gupta, my sis has changed her entire opinion on Cannabis and  now supports Cannabinoid therapy and legalization.

Education.  Who knew it could do so much.  My sis and I learned together.  Her never taking a puff.

So that was my life for a long time.  I partook when I could find it.  But I did it because it knocked me out and my mind didn't produce bad thoughts before sleep gripped me each night.  I didn't know or feel that it was medicine.  I used it because I liked how it made me feel.  If I was hungover, a few puffs relieved it.  If I had trouble sleeping, it knocked me out.  But the whole time I guess I had an understanding that there was a trade off to this.  That with each joint, I spent a bit of my health.

Now I know better.  The death count alone seals the deal for me.  I mean, what's the biggest side effect of any medication?  DEATH

Yet Pharma has us all so distracted with the drumming, that we don't even acknowledge anymore what a big fucking deal it is that NO ONE HAS EVER DIED FROM CANNABIS USE!!!

Ya ... I yelled that.  I keep yellin' it.  Will you join me?  Yell it !!

I yell it because ... I'm a little pissed off to be honest with you.  Nobody likes being lied to.

I see now that there's nothing any of us can do to change everyone's mind.  But there are enough of us out there who just simply love life and don't know the zero death stat.

Tell me . . . . . how much MORE will they love life after you tell them they can partake to their health without a freaking hangover !?

So much more that they'll be yellin' it too!

Peace~ Pot~ Prosperity to you!

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