Tuesday 26 August 2014

De-Regulation = The Wild Wild West

A few years ago, I heard a terrifying story about a young girl who was in the local emergency room because someone sold her Marijuana that had been sprayed with WD40.  Y'know ... the stuff that stops the squeak? What do you surmise would that do to a developing brain?  She survived I'm happy to say, but the story lives on as an example of how dangerous a plant like Cannabis can be when it is left unregulated.

Let's talk for a minute about regulation.  I love it.  I believe it is good for society.  I believe that oversight by a diplomatic entity is the only way to maintain fairness and equality in this world.  But that's just me and how I was raised.  We take regulation for granted really.  Let's take Tobacco for instance, what would happen if we deregulated cigarettes in Canada.  Here are a few bonuses for you and I ... the adults:

I would no longer have to walk to the store.
I would no longer have to pay tax on them.
I would no longer have a million and one confusing choices.
I would no longer have to prove my age ... ahem ... not that that's been required in a few years.

How convenient is that?  In fact, I'd likely only have to walk to the corner to get my buddy to meet me with a bag o' darts!  But I'm an adult.  What about the kids in school?  Will buddy meet them too on their lunch break or recess?  Why sure he will!  Profit is the name of the game, he'll come running to your kid gladly!

Let's look at Alcohol.  What would happen if Canada stopped regulating Alcohol?  Petitions abound in local Merry Marts and Corner stores to get it sold in there.  Convenience is the name of that game.  Because we all need an easier way to get more Alcohol into our pie-holes ..... NOT!

Not sure about you, but I regularly walk by kids loitering outside of these stores trying to find someone to buy smokes for them.  Now they'll have something else to ask for.  How great!  Free enterprise never imagined it so free! Canada is full of incredibly clever people who can easily turn a buck.  Remember buddy sittin' around the corner from your kids' school waiting for recess?  Well he has more to offer now. One-stop-shopping, ciggies AND a shot o' courage for your kid.  Oh Teacher ... they surely don't pay you enough to deal with that!!

I am one of many who want this plant legalized and regulated.  Just look at Tobacco and Alcohol ... without regulating them, Canada would be the wild wild west!  That is not the world I want my eleven year old niece to be raised in. I am on a new mission to legalize Cannabis.

I preach, and I praise, and I go on ad nauseum about the ways it can heal our bodies.  But it goes further than this.  With regulation, the adults of Canada can be given the respect to choose.  And with regulation, the children, youth, and early teens can wait to ingest it when they turn age of majority ... the same way they would with Tobacco and Alcohol.

So Canada, when the Conservative Government talks about the Liberal party's plans to legalize, they say it will make Marijuana more accessible to your kids.  Huh ... did they forget to 'carry-the-one'?  Or how exactly does that compute?

Regulation is good for society.

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