Wednesday 27 August 2014

One-A-Day For 365 Days.

I wonder if my pooch realizes what she does for me.  It goes far beyond camaraderie or company.  It's a purpose, a cause, a thing that pushes this bod into impulsion.  Simply going out to do our 'business' is a chance for me to connect.  I just did it after our stoop 'n scoop, I connected with a stranger.  What pushes me that way?  Change that's what.

I'm wearing my Cannabis leaf pendant these days ... no longer fearful to show it.  So I decided to talk to a young guy outside.  Touching my pendent I say,

"Hey ... make sure you vote this year and we can get this legalized eh?".

He pushes off of his car and walks toward the pooch and I smiling, saying,

"Oh I don't vote.  Never do, it's all rigged y'know.  It's all about money.  The guy who spends the most wins.  I mean, look at ObamaCare, if Hilary had won, it'd be called HillaryCare.  It's all rigged. Voting don't do shit.".

My initial thought was something like .... right on.  A young twenty-something kid who has a brain!  Now that sounds odd as I disagree with both of his statements.  But right on for having an opinion and voicing it.  I wish I had had that shazzam when I was his age!

Now as we know, all books have covers and this one was a bit worse for wear.  It doesn't make me an asshole to acknowledge this.  The kid had a mullet, a baseball cap, jeans and a t-shirt ... leaning on his '95ish Honda Civic.  If he had a job, it was not in an office yet in the four minutes that we spoke, he showed me his awareness and awakeness as some would say.

"Buddy that's the states, I said, Canada's not there yet.  And you not voting is what they want.  Don't give them what they want!".  (Smiling and furrowing my brow~hey, it always worked on my mommy)

I pull it quickly back to the plant (One track mind or what?) and say,

"Well the Liberals are going to legalize. It's going to happen soon."

He says,

"I don't want it legalized.  Why would I wanna pay $10 bucks a piece and then pay tax?  No way man".

"I say we push to grow our own.  I'd pay for a license gladly to grow six plants." I said.

Crust officially broken.  I was in.  I found the spot where he lives too.  This kid's gramps is likely a farmer. This kid is likely just like me, a country-mouse turned city-mouse.  He says,

"Well ... I do like the sounds of that."

To be a good student or employee, one must have the ability to hear.  This is true only amplified in my opinion when it comes to what's needed to be a good teacher, boss, leader.  I believe we have that in the Liberals with Justin Trudeau.  And if what you're saying, doesn't align with what he's saying ... well ... maybe you're not speakin' loud enough!

Get involved this year.  The Conservatives are going to turn our Country into a Mud Pit.
Y'know what sucks in the mud?


As I backed away from the '95ish Honda Civic and my newfound friend, I looked at his girlfriend and whispered,

"legalize it right?"  She nodded and smiled and we all laughed.  I said,

"We have one year.  I'll convince ya.  Cheers!"

One a day for 365 days.  Who else will join me?

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