Tuesday 31 August 2021

Go Psil*cybin !!! Canada Only

Hey friends!  As you know I'm into the plant medicine & that includes magic mushrooms aka psilocybin. It's helped my depression, anxiety, mood, and eyesight among other things. 

The company out of BC that I've trusted for 3 years has offered me an affiliate code. This is the same company that (while under a different name) gifted me over $200 worth of various microdose caplets that I then gifted to others. Just one or two microdoses can make a difference. 

As ever, I'm here to help with everything to do with this including what to choose. There are other interesting products there that I might also know more about :)

But more importantly, I'm here to assist and guide you in planning your psychedelic sessions. In fact, I insist that you plan because the energy you put into that can make a huge difference.  For instance, intention, music, unique activities that you rarely do are a must. The activities you choose 'should' create different connections in your brain. Even better, choose activities that you might have done as a child to latch onto past connections as well!

Please, pleeeeeease feel no pressure. I realize this is risky but I also realize that people are hurting and I can help so I must. Below is the affiliate link and another extremely useful site to further your understanding of the magic in these fungi. To see just how close Canada is to legalizing these mushrooms, search and follow Therapsil on all platforms or their own site. 

Anyhoo, I love yoU!

👉  http://affiliates.northernmyco.com/193293/14230

👉  The Third Wave Site Section on Psilocybin 

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