Saturday 7 August 2021

Exploitation Using Inherent Pack Mentality Against the Pack


Oh that pack animal, that hive mind .....

Humans are pack animals as you know and pack animals do odd & awesome things.

Here's an awesome thing that is a pack oriented action that ended up not being in the best interest of the individual members of the pack.

Long ago, native tribes used to use the pack mentality against a pack of prey in order to hunt effectively. They did this by finding the herd and following them for days or even weeks stopping when they did, allowing horses to graze when the herd grazed etc. 

They followed close enough that the herd could see them but far enough back that they didn't feel threatened. 

In time, the humans on their horses became normal to the herd---possibly even a pseudo part of it.

Eventually, the humans would turn around and go back. 

Here's the detriment of the pack/hive mind .... when the herd saw the human herd turn around, it would turn and follow. 

Of course, the intelligent humans had sent arrow yielding pack members to then pull up behind the herd, trapping them so the humans could choose which herd members were ready for culling.

I see this.

This is proven.

Proven with Science.

Science that we ignore.

Ignore at our own detriment.

Detriment others profit off of.

And the wheels on the bus go round n' round 

Round n' round.

Round n' round.

Know it to change it.

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