Sunday 8 August 2021

Probing the Origins of the Cross


Y'know ... I now see how phrases in songs are clues undoubtedly from soul entities who want us to see that this is an illusion. (AKA those we label Aliens)

Now that I'm reading the lawofone dot info, I recognize this in all types of song genres.

For instance, what does she mean by "And a cross from a faith that died before Jesus came" ???

I've had issues with that cross for my entire life.  At 9ish I insisted that the Priest bless my new gold cross. I remember being totally unimpressed that neither the cross nor I felt any different after that blessing.  At times I've wondered if the crucifixion even took place at all but I am assured that it did.

Here's my issue ... why applaud the symbol of the thing that killed your prophet?  Je ne comprend.  Feels like shaving heads to support cancer when hair loss is a side effect from toxic medications we're hypnotized into believing are how we treat cancer, NOT from the cancer itself.  I mean, so we're applauding shitty, lazy, outdated, harmful and toxic medicine?

So I dig.

I am digging.

I've been digging for years.

As a teen I had friends tell me what they thought happened after death because they knew I was mildly obsessed with the after life.

Through the Law of One shtuff, I'm reminded of the power of rituals & symbols. Hollywood has done such a number on us when it comes to this topic that many of us see magic as a completely fabricated realm of entertainment.

I'm attempting to learn the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram.  To begin, you visualize a ball of light--an extension of the great one creator-- above your head. You raise your hand above your head to pull that light down to your forehead --third eye-- then down where you cross over to the right side, then to the left side, then pull that same lustrous & beautiful light of creation down past your groin and to the ground.

This forms a cross of light of the ONE great infinite Creator.

A-ha & Amen.

We see that the cross isn't a Christian thing though it is NO DOUBT why the darkness used that symbol to crucify Him, to kill the soul energy who came here with the sole purpose of teaching us love.

I have a new found love for Jesus friends.  He walked right back into it.  Rode that ass like it was barn sour back to Jerusalem though he was met with mockery and hate.  Every cell in my body wishes at times that he stole a stud and rode it far far away.  How different would our lives be?

(Pullllll it back in Dianna ... getting weepily off-track)

I'm shedding the illusion that poisoned all of these sacred symbols so as to lessen their power.

I love you!!

Open to discuss!

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