Monday 8 July 2024

Ch ch ch changes.


The labeling of ists and isms is over da top now.

You can't say anything without someone calling you one.  

Take France for instance.

All of that history and culture will be erased very soon.

HOW and WHY is it racist to want to hold onto historical culture?

This is all by plan from Soros and his crew in 2015.  

In thinking this through however, I went from a sinking feeling of dread to reminding myself of ascension.

I thought, how can life go on there normally?  Those people would all need an income to live in France.  

But what if they didn't?  What if the reset is a positive one and when everyone has enough, the fight for dominance will end. 

This is what I long for .... an end to the fight for dominance because it's everywhere.  I even feel it when I see others doing what I could do, want to do but don't do.  Fleeting moments of feeling not good enough are set as reminders now.  

Remember to visualize what we want.  

Heaven on Earth.

I love you ... pass it on 😉   

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