Friday 5 July 2024

Seeking Purpose Through the Ra Collective & Love Light Research

I read the channeling from Love Light Research quite often but can't say I always comprehend it.  It takes many rereads to say the least. 

Here's an example.  I find the wording so eloquent.  Link here.

This is Qu'o speaking, one of the many consciousnesses that make up the "Ra Collective".  Each portion is a lifetime of experiences and so they'll come through and into these sessions based on each one's ability to most thoroughly and comprehensively answer the questions asked.

The Ra Collective is a "complex" of consciousnesses as are we.  To put it simply, they are ONE SOUL living many many lifetimes and gathering knowledge and experience through each incarnation.

We're living other lives on other timelines all at the same time, basically collecting experiences so that someday in the very far future, WE could be channeled and bring aid to seekers too.

Let that sink in 😊


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