Friday 5 July 2024

Thoughts on Universal Forces of Nature


Ra of the law of one channelings gave interesting insight into the energy in our genders.  For instance, they said that the Feminine energy is magnetism and the Male energy is electricity.

No wonder those in power are confusing genders with endocrine-disrupting foods, beverages, chemicals in packaging and medicine.

These two forces are what can give we living beings our power to find balance and symmetry.  I can't help but think of the Arctic Wolf pack wherein the females maintain the pack almost magically with the bond of pack mentality.  At the same time, the males grow to hunt, fight, feed the pack.  Older female wolves stay home to care for the new litters.  Older male wolves follow the hunting group to add guidance and aid. 


This visual really brought this out for me.  We live in a universe with natural laws.  The truth shall set us free.

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