Sunday 22 June 2014

Excommunicate Capitalism!

Pope Francis .... buddy .... you're killin' me here!!

Read or watch in this link where our great Patron Saint of the Poor, the figure we know as Pope Francis officially ex-communicates all Mobsters.  Holy shit bud, could you BE any more vague?

The Padre and I need to have a sit down chewin' of the fat:

Father ... please tell me you know that there are other places mobsters and criminals reside!  Yes good on ya for stickin' it to the mob.  They've been running things in your part of the world for far too long I hear.  But ... how effective are your words really?

So, you've excommunicated a nameless, faceless multitude.  What good is that?  I mean, isn't the Mob like Fight-club?  Except when you identify members of Fight-Club you get kicked out.  When you identify members of the Mob, you get whacked.  Does this mean that their souls will now be branded with an 'E' until the second coming of Christ?  Or does it simply mean that you're no longer going to let them imbibe on that pearly-white tasteless wafer or drink anymore of the wine?  Cuz I'm pretty sure there's other white stuff they're more interested in, and wine has never been an issue in your area of the world.

Empty.  Void.  Echo-inducing.  That's what these words are.  This melodramatic display of dogmatic machismo is just simply void of all effective content.  You've only increased fear and hate among your followers.  Was that ever Jesus' message?  The last time a man of the golden cloth did this, several Churches were bombed.  Are you inciting terrorism Francis?  Was JC's Christ-ness about shunning those who clearly need guidance?  If you believe ex-communication matters to these people, then surely you must believe that your words could hold power for them.  Power to change their ways.  Yes ... rose colored are my glasses.  But .... tis your story, not mine.

Exclusion was never Christ's way and it still isn't in 2014.  What in the hell does "excommunication" really entail anyways?  Are all Mobsters now locked out of the gates of heaven?  Because you are one egotistical man if you believe that's for you to judge.  I'm pretty sure there's a verse somewhere in your book that said you'd never do this.  Didn't I read something about forgiveness upon confession of sins?

Look bud, I'm just tryin' to help you out.  You have taken on an almost impossible task.  It seems to me that in order to excommunicate, blanket coverage cannot apply.  You must  identify each soul in order to cast it below don't you?  Well ... good luck with that one.  In the meantime, there are Mobsters on Wall Street and financial districts all over this planet.  They've made it really easy to find them too!  Most of them even have websites.

Show us you're awake Fran.  Show us you see what we see.  Excommunicate Capitalism.

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