Sunday 1 June 2014

The Odor Complaint 2.0

So ... this time the entire eighth floor got the warning.  It came in the form of a 8.5x11 sheet carefully rolled up ~ironic no?~ and placed behind every one's door knob.  They looked like great-big-doobies tucked precariously behind the knobs all the way down the hallway.  Even on my neighbor Maria's door ... though Maria barely leaves her apartment.  Of the fifteen occupied apartments on this floor, I believe as many as ten of us partake in the herb.  Funny, they seemed so surprised the first time they called me to the office, I now wonder if they put us up here for a reason!

I refuse to bore you with the details of this rhetorical notice.  It had something about a "Marijuana" odor in the hallways and there being a complaint.  The fukkers refuse to call it what it is:  Cannabis.  The word "Illegal" was in there somewhere with the direction to take it off-site if needed.  Ya ... I'll get right on that.

I expect to find all of our future notices to be rolled up like that.  You see, they tried to push that notice and several others before it, under our door.  But we have the seams lined with so much edging, that it's a core friggin work-out every time you open the door.  This is what a person does, when they don't want what they do, to be smelled in the hallway of their tenement.  I don't give a shit if you are perming your hair, frying onions, smoking cigarettes, or ingesting Cannabis ... I don't wanna smell it in the hallway!

So ... this is a take two on my previous blog post wherein I talk about that first odor complaint that happened a mere week after we moved in here.  I'll explain that, for the previous six years of my hunni and I being together we had to ingest our plant outside ... rain, snow, wind, or moonlight ... we went out. So some of you can imagine how relieved and thrilled we were to be able to partake INSIDE when we finally moved into our new sanctuary-like home.  It was nothing less than heaven to be able to enjoy a nice vape bag or doobie on the couch.  I am the friggin' Couch Activist after all!  But, at some point I think we both knew, we were going to have to put our big boy and big girl pants on and move our stinky habit to a segregated room.

They can make us hide;  but they can never take away our Pride!

I am a Cannabis user, lover, preacher, and legalizer.  But I'll be the first to tell you that it kinda stinks at times.  And I'll also be the first to tell you that Cannabis is NOT for everyone.  This recent complaint I believe came from a young girl and her mother who moved in here two months ago.  The young girl is in some form of the Canadian Military.  Would trace amounts of Cannabis smoke in the hallway show up on a young Cadet's piss-test?  I don't know, but if I were here mother, I wouldn't take the chance.  I get it ... totally.

So this post is also here to serve as a wee reminder to all of my fellow Cannabis users.  Our medicine and recreation smells. Ya ... not as grossly as McDicks, filterless cigarette filled hallways, or the downtown sewers.  But it does smell.  Yes, I like you LOVE it.  It's like Pot-Pourrie to me. But until Justin Trudeau legalizes our Plant, we are the poster children for legalization and worldwide acceptance.  When I do my 3-in-1 Therapy of Champions where I exercise while ingesting cannabis in the sun, I don't wanna have to hide or put my doobie out whenever someone walks by me!

So I feel it is up to us, to gently educate those you come in contact with.  Respect mutual areas like hallways by keeping what you do in your apartment, IN your apartment.  Dedicate one old towel or blanket to stay under your door crack.  This one thing will keep most odors inside where they belong.  Remember that when you are partaking in anything that smells, you lose the ability to smell the strength and distance that it carries.  Don't trust that if you don't smell it, your neighbor won't either.

I can hear some of you ... bitchin' and grumblin' about having to change your routine for the man. That's not what this is about.  This is about getting your neighbors to see that your using Cannabis as medicine or safe recreation is no different than you using Tobacco or Alcohol as such.  It's about acceptance with the end goal of full worldwide LEGALIZATION.

Education and communication are power.  Use it or lose it eh?  Oh ya ...  Peace, Pot, and Prosperity!

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