Thursday 19 June 2014

The Evidence will be LIFE Hilary

The clip of Hilary's most recent interview and brief mention of 'marijuana' came to me on a day where little would amuse me.  She gave it one minute and nineteen seconds of her time.  Big of her eh?  When I'm depressed, I'm either sedate or writhing with venomous anger that comes out in cyclical mental chatter. My normally happy persona suddenly turns grey.  Therefore, I don't really know if my immediate reaction to this video was merely a side effect of my depression, or was it the video itself?  Perhaps it was one of the many ways that Clinton once again disrespected me, those like me, and this plant.

I am normally a cheery hopeful person with an easy smile.  I love a good laugh.  Laughter IS medicine!  But in its time and place.  I can't recall if I've ever heard any news anchor or DJ segue into the 'marijuana segment' without making some reference to the lazy stoner with the munchies-all for a cheap laugh.  Let's face it guys.... it's been done.  It's not funny anymore.  In fact, I've seen as many interviews WITH self labeled 'stoners' who don't giggle as much as most news anchors do when asked about Cannabis.  It's absolutely infuriating to me!  I mean, can someone please tell me what is funny about legalizing a plant that keeps a little girl from seizing a hundred times a day?  Or allowed a beloved Kitty to live nineteen years pain free?  Or allowed the thousands of us who have been able to get off of dangerous and unhealthy medications that damage our systems?  This is the face of Weed now. Not Cheech&Chong hot-boxing the car.  It's Chong curing his Prostate cancer with the help of concentrated Cannabis Oil.  Health is the face of weed in 2014.

Anger immediately rose when the video started.  To hear and see the laughing from not only the audience, but from the potential POTUS as well, just stirred a little more anger in the fire.  The fact that Hilary immediately joked about having the younger audience members help her out on this one, seethes ignorance and disbelief of what we already know.  Would you joke that way about some new pharmaceutical that saved lives yet had a pleasant side effect?  NO!  But Clinton does so because she has no clue what she's talking about!  She clearly hasn't done her research.  Or is she being purposely vague?  As I've said before:  money is being made off of prescriptions for pills, not off of prescriptions for plants.

Let's just say that what came next, made my already furrowed brow appear officially ready for planting.  As Hilary formulated her response, pausing thoughtfully as though really digging deep, I readied myself.  Would she surprise us? Would she prove me wrong and prove that she too has been doing her homework on the Cannabis plant and all of it's wonders?  Could her now sure future as a Grandmother have led her to watch Sanjay Gupta's documentary as so many of us did? Did Charlotte Figi pull on her heart strings? Is she now as hopeful as all who read this, at the potential life-saving properties of this plant?

Like my old kitty working away at a deeply swallowed hair-ball, Hilary made a big show.  She worked it, adjusted her seating, then paused.  Poor 'ol Kitty.  Then she worked it again even harder ... only to produce a wee pile of old, outdated fur of times gone by.  She spit the same sadly soiled regurgitation that every other political Charlatan has used when asked about Cannabis.  Damn those hair-balls get stuck in the rug don't they?  Especially if they've been around for a while like this one has.

What are the contents of the hair-ball?  Hilary calls out for clarity on the benefits of marijuana use.  Ahem ... news flash Hil-baby ... I'm all-over-that-shit.  In fact, there are thousands in North America alone who are legally all-over-that-shit and they are very clear on the benefits of this plant.  And those are simply the LEGAL ones. Remember the truth about an Iceberg?  10% above; 90% below?  Well the same could be said for the users of this plant.  If there are say 2,000,000 legal cannabis patients in North America, how many illegal ones are there?  'Tis truly just the tip of the proverbial Iceberg people.

Have you ever noticed how 'ol kitties can spit up a hair ball and then look at you like they had nothing to do with it?  That's what else Hilary did, she spit out the 'there aren't enough studies' excuse.  Ah yes Hilary ... and over the last ten to twenty years of your life, you had no chance to address this did you.  Oh wait, there's more.  Because in cases of "extreme medical conditions" Hilary believes that our plant should be made available.  Hey, I gotta agree with that.  The problem is her wording and the dilemma of WHO gets to decide what an extreme medical condition is?

My wee bout of the blues yesterday seems nothing more than a bad day to some.  But to me it was hell.  No hope, no pride, no love for myself.  Only cyclical negative self-hating chatter that cannot be stopped.  Sleep perhaps being the only way to stop it, until my hunni lured me in to our smoking room for a doob.  Who judges 'extremes' in the year 2014?  In the same year that sees us allow cigarettes to be purchased though tobacco kills 15 million of us worldwide every year.  Who measures extreme?  And should they really be the one with the stick?

Finally, just when you're sure the gagging is done, the fibers in the carpet can simply hold no more, she continues.  Hil-baby is not alone in this final mindset when it comes to her statement regarding recreational use of this plant.  It's a common one with those who want to give the illusion that they are open to legalization, yet don't really understand what all the fuss is about.  She says, as she sidles up on the arm of her chair, she wants to wait and see what the evidence is with the legalization in Colorado and Washington state.  Evidence.  That's what she called it.  So much in a word.  And which word?  'Wait' or 'Evidence'? Too many children have already died waiting for legalization.  Too many parents too.

Recreational vs. Medicinal is such a big issue isn't it?  That's the thing about social issues.  There is no real and true democracy unless every single person's opinion is counted.  So how can we be so foolish as to believe that the lines between recreational use and medicinal use don't perpetually intermingle?  I will argue til I take my last puff that all use is medicinal.  As long as Gr@vol, S*minex, Aspir!n, or Z@ntac are categorized as medicine, so should Cannabis be.  In fact, in comparison to Cannabis, Gr@vol is deadly in the wrong hands. While too much Cannabis in any form will only put you to sleep for a spell.

So I'll tell you Hilary what the evidence will be, though 'tis unlikely you'll even notice.  It's crystal clear to me that you don't see, believe, or comprehend all of the lives that Cannabinoid therapies have changed and saved.  If Big Pharma came out with a Cancer killing drug, you'd speak to it for many minutes!  What a wonderful thing that would be.  Though personally, I think anything that saved even one child's life deserves more talk-time  than 1:19 mins from a future Presidential candidate.

The evidence will be life Hilary. Legalizing recreational use would allow people like my uncle to try Cannabis without worry of arrest. And why would he want to try it?  Because it's the only pain killer other than perhaps hypnosis that doesn't carry a death toll. To the general public, the fact that Cannabis has never killed anyone means something!  Legalizing recreational use allows people to make concentrates that help them to stop addictions, manage auto-immune disorders, and kill pain.  Legalizing recreational Cannabis can help the success of a cornucopia of different foundations, since from our Livers to our Brains, Cannabis is proving beneficial.  How is that not a good thing?  And you would know this~~ you should know this if you cared about what's important to your people.  Health is important to the people you want to lead.

Honestly though, Hilary's response to the last and final question as to whether she herself would ever try cannabis was the most telling response of all.  For if she had done her research, she would know that RSO concentrated Cannabis oil is killing all kinds of cancers.  A well-informed Presidential candidate would respond with:  "Never say never."

Take notice, the next time your news anchor or DJ reports on anything to do with Cannabis.  There will be a joke there.  A stupid, outdated, and likely factually inaccurate joke.  Let me know if it gets stuck in your craw the way it does mine.


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