Sunday 8 June 2014

The Gateway Theory Revisited & Proven Plausible?

The Gateway Theory, such a bogus term.  I mean what WERE they smokin' when they came up with that? Someone was watching too much Star Trek if you ask me!

So ... as if anyone doesn't know this, the Gateway theory states that when kids use cannabis, it makes them want to try other harder drugs.  Do you remember the first few times you ingested weed?  It wasn't great for me.  I spent most of the time wishing I could stop coughing, but giggling so much that it didn't matter.  I think I peed my pants those first few times for sure.  I can most definitely say, that it didn't make me wanna snort anything, or inject my self with a needle that's for sure!

But if we must go along with the Gateway Theory, and state that using Cannabis makes me want to do something else, well then I most definitely agree.  Here is a list of things that Cannabis is a Gateway to, for me.

Cannabis is a gateway to the take out menu or the kitchen for me.  Now that I'm a bit older, I often feel hunger but have no appetite.  Yet within fifteen minutes of partaking in our plant, I'm lookin' for something to nosh on.  I'll go ahead and say it:  Cannabis is an h'or d'oeuvre in that it gets you ready to eat.  It gives you the munchies.  Remember endocannabinoids?  The cannabinoid-like compounds that our bodies make? Yes, well breastmilk is filled with them.  Makes sense when you see how ravenous a newborn can be when he's had his first suckle.

Cannabis is a gateway to my pillow.  This is the fact with almost any strain if enough is imbibed, but the most sleepy-time efficient strains are always higher in THC.  Even a high-THC sativa will eventually sedate.  There is nothing like the feeling of falling asleep the moment your head hits the pillow.

Cannabis is a gateway to the publishing of my own children's book, "Three Amiga's".  Once again, almost any strain can inspire great writing and great ideas, but the more cerebral stimulating of the strains are much much better.  These are Sativa dominant strains.  These are the hard to come by jewels that promote clear focus and the ability to concentrate.  When I write, a Sativa is like the ink in my pen.

Cannabis is the a gateway to my orgasm.  Being high on cannabis can pull me out of my negative thoughts, but it can also let me close my eyes and totally immerse myself in the experience at hand. Cannabis relaxes me, makes me feel comfortable in my own skin, and allows me to shut down outside thoughts and influences to just concentrate on my hunni and our bodies.  There are other drugs that people rave about more than weed as an aphrodisiac, but that's a whole lot too much salivating and tongue chewing for this gal.

Cannabis is a gateway to a Literary award for me.  Since much of what I write involves me putting myself in someone else's shoes, I find Cannabis urges me to do just that.  Cannabis promotes compassion.  It seems like we productive potheads and couch activists feel the connected one love. When I write, I feel the one love.  I write in a way that will hopefully show the general public how this lowly and much misunderstood plant helps me and many people I know.

Cannabis is a gateway to my winning Masterchef some day.  Except it would have to be the version where you can have your vaporizer on the counter beside the fryer.  And the version that doesn't include timing me.  I'm a great cook when I'm medicated.  You just had better not be in a hurry! Once again, any strain works.  But a strain that is 50/50 Indica Sativa is going to treat the best for daytime use.  An even ratio of cannabinoids offers incredible clarity for me.  Sharp knives require a sharp mind after all.

Cannabis is a gateway to perpetual physical youth.  I've begun eating some canna infused olive oil every night in caplets.  It really helps me sleep through the night.  And on the nights where I forget, or fall asleep too soon, I wake up aching and yearning to find that comfy position again.  Remember that Disney character that would suck the youth right out of kids?  Well I do that to my doobies with every puff.  I'm more gentle than that Disney bitch though, cuz Cannabis wakes up my compassion remember?  That would have been a whole other Disney movie had the bitch been partaking in the herb!

Cannabis is a gateway to my enlightenment.  And this is a broad term with a timeline spanning from now til I take my last puff.  I know not if it is the lack of pharmaceuticals, or the quantity of cannabinoids, but my brain is bringing memories back like it's its job!  Good ones, odd ones.  Once again, I don't know if they were purposely repressed or just friendly fire from other memories that stuck.  But either way, I feel more clear and aware of my own place and purpose now.  I feel one with the universe and one with every body ... every single every body ... even the ones who aren't ready.  It matters not what the real meaning of enlightenment is, because to me it's total self love and radical acceptance of all.

So ... ya ... maybe they're right.  Maybe MaryJane is a gateway drug.  But it's a gateway to all things good in my opinion.  At least all things good when used in the right time and place.  But such is life eh?  We spend so much time trying to dispel a myth, sometimes it's been fun to deconstruct that myth once and for all.

I'd love to know what Cannabis is a gateway to for YOU!

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