Friday 20 June 2014

Life is short .... we should ALL sample the Honey!

In the year 2014, I see so many changes.  Good ones, bad ones, and ones that couldn't be stopped.  I see respect given to some, trusting their intentions are good.  While others who's intentions breed compassion and selflessness go left unnoticed, unfunded, unheralded.  It seems the more grandiose the hooplah, the more respect is given.  But hooplah doesn't come cheap these days does it?

Sometime somewhere in our historical tickle-trunk, a man whose 'wiseness' is debatable said:  "Who controls the food supply, controls the people."  That was the very year I was born.  In a small hospital in Ontario my mom was trying to decide how many 'N's to put in my name;  while a few thousand miles away a man was trying to decide how to control the masses.  Intentions.  Mom wanted my name to be unique.  Kissinger wanted to rule the world.

So this all leads us to question who among us, controls the food source now?  Who controlled it then? Is it the same person?  Truth be known, it's a struggle that has been going on for many many years just below the surface.  Biotech companies are trying to control the food source so they can control the world.  I mean, it worked before!  What's to make it fail now?  The Roman Catholic church filled it's pews by feeding the poor Pagan Celts.  Allies and Truces were formed over the breaking of bread for years and years.  Offerings of food are perhaps still left for the Gods~new and old~ somewhere on this planet.  We know we will surely cease living without food.  Who controls the food;  indeed controls Fate.

Who do you think controls the food source right now at this very moment?  Is it a difficult job?  Does it take up all hours of this Being's time?  Even at the bottom furthest-reaching corner of my historical tickle-trunk, this same Being controlled it then too. Do they do it for Power? Do they do it for Pride? Will it gain them the power and glory forever and ever?  No.  They don't do it for any of that.  In fact, they don't even know they're doing it.  It's often a mistake.  A simple slip of the foot.  While these Beings collect food, they also Pollinate plants.  Several hundreds of plants and flowers every single day.  The very plants that give us food and keep us living.

Of course, the selfless Being of which I speak are the Bees; or more commonly referred to as the Pollinators. And they are by far the most loyal of Beings.  Some inherent, invisible, unending drive spurns them on day after day to light down on hundreds of flowers to gather Nectar.  And they do it all for their Queen.  Take that Queen Liz ... ain't none of your servants THIS loyal!!  They collect nectar for their fellow beings.  For their young to thrive another season.  Selflessness at it's most genuine and raw, these wee little insects live a mere season.  Life is short~I sure hope they get to sample the honey!  In my opinion, the Pollinating Bees and insects of all species are by far the hardest working Beings on this planet.  And by far the most deserving of being saved.

As I consider this, comparing intentions, I am choked.  What exactly did Kissinger expect if he indeed were the King-of-the-Castle controlling the worldwide food source?  Adoration no less.  A bowing down ceremony each and every day.  More money and respect than any Being has ever been given.  For as we've already ruled, who controls the food controls the Fate of the living right?

Laughable isn't it?  The utter hubris of man?  Kissinger, Monsanto, and all of the other Biotech companies are going after a job that is already filled.  And they expect to get rich doing it.  The dumbasses have not yet realized that the Pollinators have been doing this job for us for millennium and doing all for FREE!  Give them time, the capitalists have forgotten what that word means.  They can't get their materialistic minds around the fact that no Tender was given by the Pollinators.  They just do.  Although with the ongoing minimum wage debate, our future may see the homeless, jobless, uneducated running the fields with paintbrushes trying desperately to match the momentum of an insect.  They also forget the pollinators have wings.

My question is this:  Are the Capitalists killing the Pollinators simply to take over their job?
Hmmm ... does a Bear eat honey and shit in the woods?  While there's still honey he does!

There is comfort for me in the irony of the fact that Kissinger's flesh has been put to work to assist our righteous Pollinators.  He knew not what his role truly was.  He, you, I, and Monsanto are nothing more than fertilizer for the fruits and flowering trees.  Oh how I hope that the Nectar is sweet. True Honey lovers know that each flower brings a different shade, a different taste, a different look to the end product.  I wonder what color Irony makes?

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