Thursday 26 June 2014

Life as an Unsolvable Equation.

When I have visits with family or rarely seen friends, I realize how much I bitch.  I do.  I bitch about shit all the time.  I read the news ticker, and pffft at what is considered news.  Solange Knowles turned 28 the other day.  Who the fuk is she?  And why do I care?

Drumming.  That's what my friend-in-the-know Kell says.  Drumming to distract.

So I had a visit with a girlfriend last night.  So good to catch up.  We discussed so many things.  Personal, family, municipal, countrywide ... we covered much of it.  My girlfriend works in a detox clinic.  She is a crucial spoke in the wheel of humanity.  I don't know much about her workday.  But I don't need to know that, to know that my fellow citizens are becoming addicts without fault of their own.  Many Doctors are actively making addicts out of so many of us by giving out scripts for Heroin.  A friend was having her wisdom teeth out and was told beforehand that she'd be given a script for Percocet..... Oxycontin (synthetic heroin) + Acetamenophen.  When an anti-inflammatory would work fine.  I'm getting my gall bladder out tomorrow morning.  I will be getting Tramadol not opiates.  And I'll be taking Cannabis infused Olive Oil that I make in my own kitchen ... in my 'lab' as my mom once joked.  This Lab is for addiction free health!

But back to the bitching.  Why do I do it?  Because I see injustice every day.  I see fakers in positions of power.  I see lies believed.  Stories fabricated.  I see facts ... then I see lies.  I see logic ... and then I see the actions of a majority Government with a hard-on for Oil.  I see money spent to warn our youth in the form of anti-Trudeau/anti-pot ads, when I should see warnings and education about Meth, Crack, Cocaine, and shit like that.  But your kids won't learn about that from our leaders, more likely from their older friends. Our leaders want them to beware of the Cannabis plant~the one with no death toll~ so they can win the next election.

I see society hypnotized with this belief that the business starters and the economy is all that really matter. While the people who stand as the forefront of those businesses are made to simply be glad they have a job. Do they forget how easily that forefront could ruin their business?  I as your minimum wage worker can make or break your business.  Seems like I may be more important than you realize eh?

I'm rambling here ... what's my point?

I'm beginning to see the enemy.  And yes there are so many.  Capitalism being the biggest in my mind.  But I'm seeing the enemy for you and I.  I'm seeing the enemy for society.  The enemy is the status-quo.  I've been told by loved ones to just accept things.  I've been told that my bitching only harms me.  A large part of me laughs at that thought.  Why vote then?  As it is, it seems asinine to me that we as a country don't even really decide what issues are dealt with.  We rely on Members of Parliament to do this.  And then we vote on those issues.  But what about all of the other issues out there?  Simply because the MP's don't see it as an issue, does not mean it isn't important to many and deserving of our attention.

The status quo is comfort.  The status quo makes accepting fukkery the norm.  Ain't nobody got time for that!  Life is short!  I'm already 40!  But the status quo tells me to get a job, pay my bills, vote for one of the pre-chosen issues .... rinse and repeat.  In my mind ... that's not why we're here.

"It's all progress ...." a thought that came to me this morn.  As each moment expires into the next, it is progress.  We cannot NOT progress forward.  Or can we?  The status quo hates progress.  The status quo hates change.  When we sit back and accept the nonsense and bite on our tongues, the status quo laughs.

What many don't see--and maybe I don't show--is that within and around this bitching is the desire to do better, to find the better way.  Progress states that there is almost always a better way.  They say that every process in life can be written mathematically.  The status quo would see us with an unsolvable equation ... one that merely goes on and on into perpetuity.  I bitch to solve it.  I bitch to solve for 'x'.

It's hard to believe this considering how much I used to hate Algebra!

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