Wednesday 17 March 2021

Why Don't Canadian Police Protect Women?


Aside from my work in the realm of social media, I also post on topics that I'm passionate about.

Right now, I'm in a group of people who share personal testimonials from female Law Enforcement who have been harassed or abused while on the job as military members, RCMP or Police.

Like this one from a Canadian Police Officer:

"When police services, who are supposed to be protecting women against violence in all forms, use NDAs to silence sexual violence/abuse within their own house ... we have an obligation to warn the public that Police are posing a risk to women everywhere! We became cops, not fkn puppets!"

We must stop pretending that Police are here to protect women.  They don't even protect their own.

Dear parents & loved ones of girls ... teach them that not all Police are here to serve or protect them.

Teach our girls to use critical thinking, to listen to their gut and to always have an escape plan so they don't have to call on Police for assistance.  History is showing us that no good can come of that.

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