Monday 15 March 2021

Alternative Thoughts on the Cancel Culture


To me, some of the biggest drumming for distraction is this whole boo hoo cancel culture thing.

I couldn't care less if the future children don't get to read the cancelled books.  Successful adults abound who were not read Dr. Seuss books.

But while we bitch about his, children are being stolen and sold.

I wish we could take our pain for the cancel culture and put it to the opioid epidemic, poverty, homelessness.

Can we cancel culture rape, harassment, financial disparity?

They're doing this so you don't see them do that.

What is that?  Who effin knows but you can be damn sure it's more important than any book.

Btw,,,, you can still buy and read those books, Aunt J's syrup is still super sweet, Uncle B still provides sub par rice.

Personally, I welcome most of this.

Evolution leaves some DoDo's behind after all.

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