Tuesday 16 March 2021

Note to Self: No Twitter Tomorrow!


Every night I go to bed thinking I'll do better tomorrow. Tomorrow I'll use it less. Tomorrow I'll avoid it completely. It's like I'm an addict and I feel shamefully gutted after using too much twitter each day.

I use twitter the way I assume a gambling addict just mindlessly spins the wheel. Each spin gives varying degrees of dopamine rush in the brain. Rush for the happy posts; bigger rush for the polarizing posts. For those chasing the rush, it's the epitome of any attention is good attention. And I don't mean to blame it all on twitter. It only starts there; finishes in dozens of open tabs and a lagging lappy.

But tomorrow I'll do better.

I'll remove the icons from my phone. Triggers there be gone. 

I'll leave myself a morning note reminder. Habits be broken now.

If I can just avoid it altogether, I think I'll be okay. I just can't start, can't take that first peek. Just like any other substance of addiction, one moment of twitter is too many; a million not enough.

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