Wednesday 24 March 2021

The Devil In the Planning


**WARNING:  You may not agree with my words but I hope you agree with my right, need, & the benefit of saying them aloud ✌❤

Pregnancy usually doesn't have a definite finish line unless you're getting a cesarean.  I've heard about those .... you set a date & bam, miraculously the birth happens that day.

I believe the very same thing to have occurred with the countrywide movements from green to yellow to red.

They have it planned out friends.

What if the day they slide YOUR community back into the MENTAL HEALTH HELL we know as Lockdown, was just the day they decided it would be many years ago??

Planning takes time.

World domination takes time.

So many mouths seeiing themselves deserving. 

Throw a lil shame on that fire.  Simmer that pride down a bit.

Fear fear fear.

Changing all the norms.

All those things we were told to do to keep ourselves healthy are now said to have no effect.

If you believe that, we can still be friends but we must come to an agreement.

You don't shame me;  I don't shame you.

There are PLENTY of Medical Professionals telling us to dig in.  Some are well known, world renowned researchers!!!!

Has anyone else cried watching the old man in the chair crying?

His name is Dr. Vernon Coleman and before covid he was covered with the utmost respect.

Now that he disagrees, he's being torn down & all his years of medicine with him.

Step out of that fear my friends.


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