Wednesday 17 March 2021

Vocalize--It Does a Body GOOD!


We are so self critical that we prejudge our words, keeping them inside where they can help absolutely no one.

Numerous times lately I have shared my views or ideas, believing they were fluff only to have them applauded and amplified.

Mind blown 

Don't judge your words.  They do no good if left unsaid.

Whether it's a "what if", a "do you think" or a "imagine if" .... maybe it's a "I'm sorry", or a "I've been thinking" or a "Could we?".

Did you know words stuck inside can cause ulcers?  They can change, transmute, evolve into something more powerful.

What if words are aerobic?  

Don't hold them in--give them air, give them volume, give them credence.

Then get ready to evolve that thought for good.

You rock k?

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